New Hairs

I appear to be sprouting some new baby hairs!

I’m fairly sure (she says tentatively) that I have some new hairs growing in my bald spots. Basically, when I scrape my hair off my forehead, the areas where I was receding to points either side of my fringe seem to be less pronounced. I’m not entirely sure, but I know there are a few baby hairs (finer, softer ones) around. I’ve tried to take some photos so you can see, but it’s not the easiest selfie to take and I realised that it was my son who took the photos last time. Anyway, Here’s how it looked before:

Hair loss on my forehead
Hair loss on my forehead

And here’s how it looks now:

Forehead 2     Forehead 4

The photos (not the best quality, granted) are of both sides of my forehead and it certainly looks to me like the baldy bits have been filled in a little bit. I’d say that over the tops of my ears, the hair loss is just the same as previously.

On my last appointment with the NHS (No Hope Service) dermatologist, she said that the biopsy had not been able to determine which type of alopecia I had. However, she said she was certain it was a type (like frontal fibrosing alopecia) where hair loss is permanent. Explain the new hair growth then!

Hairs have also returned to other parts of my body, including my eyebrows. They’re not exactly full, but they are slightly less sparse than before and there are even some hairs inbetween my eyebrows now, like before my body hair fell out in July.

I’ve slackened off on using the Dermovate steroid lotion, as the dermatologist said to use it 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. It’s also been 2 weeks since my last Indian head massage, due to lack of time – but I’ll get back on track on Friday. I’ve had the last of my 3 initial acupuncture sessions, and my next one is in December to maintain the good work. I’m taking my supplements and applying my essential oil blend the night before a hair wash – leaving it on overnight. I’m washing my hair in sulphate and parabens-free shampoo and conditioner. I’m sticking rigidly to my yeast, egg white, cow’s milk, wheat and gluten-free diet. I’ve also started going for a walk at lunchtime for half an hour to get some exercise in – as I’m sure that will help too.

All good!

Bye for now 🙂

Rachel x



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