Food Intolerance Test Results

I find out which foods I’m intolerant to in order to halt my alopecia

In an attempt to halt the progression of my frontal fibrosing alopecia, I had a food intolerance test. And the results have arrived! It turns out I’m intolerant to yeast, egg white and cow’s milk, with a borderline intolerance to gluten, wheat, cashew nuts and a few others.
York Test
I’ve decided to cut out only those foods I’ve got a definite reaction to. With intolerances, a reaction means that certain foods cause antibodies to be raised. I suppose this means my body doesn’t like certain substances and is in conflict with them.
So, all keen to remove the offending foods from my diet, I go to the supermarket. After an hour, I’m more or less convinced that there is only a handful of foods in the whole shop that can eat! I’m excluding fruit and veg from this, because there’s loads of those – but there are only so many you can eat! The issue seems more to be finding yeast, egg and milk free snacks and lunch box items. I like foods with a bit of substance! How can you find an alternative for a sandwich, pie or pizza?
On the bread front, I thought I’d go for German pumpernickel (heavy dark rye bread). But I discovered the one in Asda it had sunflower seeds in it. Sunflower seeds are only a borderline intolerance but I thought it best to avoid them just in case. So, I came away with Ryvita and some tasteless flat chia seed wraps. Ho hum.
I’ve substituted butter (sniff – I love butter) with coconut oil. In fact, I seem to use coconut oil for everything. I even bought a cheese substitute that was made out of coconut oil!
Anyway, I’m sure I’ll muddle through. I’m going to have a 6 week break from these foods and reintroduce them gradually. I want to wheedle out the culprits with regard to my hair – or, at least find out if there is any link.
Health kinesiology claims to be able to switch off intolerances and allergies by the way. Always worth investigating.
I’m going for my biopsy results tomorrow, so I’ll let you know what was said.
See you soon!
Rachel x

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