Acupuncture Update

An update on my acupuncture session – an attempt to halt the progression of frontal fibrosing alopecia

Wow amazing! (In brief)

The slightly longer version:

I turned up a little apprehensive, having never had acupuncture before. But I needn’t have worried at all. The acupuncturist was lovely and put me completely at ease. He spent the first hour and a half (!) talking through an taking notes on my background, lifestyle, eating habits, sleeping habits, relationships, stressful episodes, major life events, home life etc. etc. At the end of the questioning, he put many aspects of my life together and deduced that my fire and water elements were out of kilter. This isn’t exactly how he phrased it, but it’s more or less what he was saying. In fact, he explained that China (where he is from) and the eastern world have so many more words for certain spiritual and philosophical concepts that it was difficult to put it into English for me.

Yin Yang

Next came the part with the pins. First he felt my back and decided that the water element was more of an issue than the fire element. He spent some time feeling for the points to insert the pins before marking my back with a pen and inserting them. It didn’t hurt, as there are apparently not many nerve endings in the back, however, one of the pins did hurt when he inserted it. When I said ‘Ouch’, he said, ‘That hurt because it represents your heart, which has taken a battering recently’ (true).  He left in the pins in for a few minutes and then took them out. Next I lay down on my stomach and he inserted (and immediately removed again) two pins on my ribs. He explained that he was balancing the flow of energy by removing blockages. He mentioned that he felt there was a wood and metal blockage that needed removing. Finally, he inserted pins in my armpits. When he removed the final pin, I felt an electric shock go up my arm and into my hand. The acupuncturist said that was the sign that a big blockage had been removed. After each set of pins had been removed, he felt my pulse. Apparently, here he could feel whether the acupuncture was working and blockages were being removed. He said they were 🙂

acupuncture to help with frontal fibrosing alopecia

So, the big question… would the acupuncture help to halt the progression of my frontal fibrosing alopecia? I asked the acupuncturist who said he thought it have every chance of helping. He had previously mentioned that he thought it would have been triggered by stress, as every illness is usually a reaction to life events and the reactions they cause in our physical bodies (mmm… as I thought). He also said that by removing the blockages and allowing the free-flow of energies, he would be addressing my problems on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.

I found the whole experience strangely relaxing and fascinating, as the acupuncturist was so enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I have a lot of respect for eastern medicine, which tends to treat on a more holistic level, and I’m looking forward to going back for another two sessions.

Just found this and I think it explains quite well how Chinese medicine is based on 5 elements: wood, water, fire, metal and earth

Bye for now 🙂

Rachel x


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