My Feelings About My Hair Loss

How I am coming to terms with my hair loss.

Well this is a weird one. In the two years leading up to this point, life has been extremely difficult and stressful. I won’t go into detail, but suffice to say, most of this stress is now subsiding and things are getting back on an even keel. In comparison with what I’ve been through over the last two years, my hair loss seems minor. The problems I have faced have put it into perspective, and I am able to think “It is only hair”. I’m also aware, however, that my hair loss hasn’t been dramatic enough up to this point to really affect my day-to-day life, so whether my philosophical attitude continues, remains to be seen!

I am lucky also in that I have a very supportive family and friends. My three children have been amazing! Also, when I told a client of mine that I had suspected alopecia, she photocopied some notes from a nutrition book about hair loss and sent them to me through the post. How kind. (I’ll share some insights from the book with you in another blog post, as the information was very useful.)

Book about nutrition and hair loss

I was told to friend someone on Facebook who lives locally (and is a friend of a friend), who had experienced hair loss. I asked her how she had dealt with it and she sent me a lot of information and photos of her hair – or lack of it once she’d decided to shave the remaining hair off. She was a true inspiration as she told me not to obsess about it, but to live my life in spite of it.

For this reason, I try not to think about my hair loss most of the time and I get quite absorbed in my job, so that certainly helps. The times I think about it most is when I’m getting ready in the mornings and last thing at night, when I have to “deal” with it. I have to put the steroid lotion on it, which means I have to look at how little hair I have in the mirror, and I have to make my hair look decent for work, which has already involved scarves of varying sizes and fabrics that I’m experimenting with. (My boss and his wife have been extremely supportive.)

Scarves for frontal fibrosing alopecia

Writing this blog post is also helping me, as I’m hoping someone in a similar situation will find it useful.

See you soon 🙂

Rachel x

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